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Did Your Labrador Train You Well? Know The Signs!


Who’s training who? Did your Labrador train you well?! What are the signs that you’re a well-trained human?

Yes, your Lab probably obeys your every command. He sits, stands and comes on command. If your Lab does all that, he is most likely well-trained.

But in everyday life, your dog may have trained you as well!

Here are some signs confirming that you are one well-trained human!


You rush to obey your Lab’s ‘commands’!

Did Your Labrador Train You Well (2)Your Lab heads near the door while you rush to open it. When he brings you a leash, it’s definitely time for a walk, even if you’re really busy. Basically, your Labrador has taught you to take him where he wants to go—and sometimes, do what he wants you to do.


You are your Labrador’s social media manager

#BaileysTreats #343: I think humans go to work so we (dogs/kids) can have a good life. #goodjobmomdad

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You’ve set up an Instagram account or Facebook page for your Labrador Retriever, which you update with at least 5 posts per day. Your dog acquires hundreds of doggie friends – who trained their humans well as your dog did with you. You think it’s weird and funny, but you can’t help it because you don’t want anyone to miss a moment of your dog’s cuteness. Have we mentioned your dog gets more likes? He has more followers than you, too!


You have to avoid saying words and spell them out instead

Did Your Labrador Train You Well (4)You would rather say  “C-A-R” and “W-A-L-K” since your Lab may get too excited, and you will feel really bad for not taking them out.


You spend your weekends with your Labrador!

Babou in the gardenNothing beats quality time with your best-est buddy– your Labrador, of course! You spend time watching Marley and Me and eating pizza — and you prefer the whole experience than drinking beer somewhere!


Your Lab wears “designer” while you’re in ”Walmart”!

Did Your Labrador Train You Well (3)You choose to go full-mode cheapo for your own shirts and buy expensive designer stuff for your Lab! How about throwing in cool pairs of shoes? Don’t forget bandanas and posh and cushioned pet carrier, too!



Image source: John Arcadian, jespahjoyBryan Ledgard/Flickr