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Deputy Pays Black Labrador Mix’s Adoption Fee To Honor Slain Deputy Bill Myers!


In Florida, a deputy paid a black Labrador mix’s adoption fee to honor slain deputy Bill Myers.

Abby has been living at Panhandle Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) for several months. The dog now has a new name, Honor, and a new lease on life. A deputy, who wishes to remain anonymous, paid her adoption fees and requested that her name be changed as a tribute to his fallen colleague.

The black Labrador mix, previously named Abby, was chosen because she’s black and Deputy Myers loved black dogs, the anonymous deputy told PAWS officials.


“Bill Myers cared a lot about black dogs,” said Dee Thompson, director of PAWS.

Abby has been living at the shelter since her owner failed to return for her.

Thompson adds that Honor had not been adopted yet, but they are hopeful that she will be soon because of her new name and publicity about her situation.

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“It was important for the deputy to do this for Bill,” Thompson said. “To take a dog that had been here for a long time, and honor the dog and Bill at the same time.”

This Labrador has a new name and a promising new life ahead of her.

We hope Honor finds her new and forever family soon!


Source: NWF Daily News