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Daisy The Cancer-Sniffing Labrador Receives An Award


Daisy The Cancer-Sniffing Labrador Receives An Award (1)It is common knowledge that dogs have a superb sense of smell. In fact, researchers have made 3D prints of a dog’s nose structure to further study the power of the canine olfactory system.

On regular days, they use their sense of smell to find a bone or food. But this talented Labrador Retriever can sniff out something else—cancer. She even detected her owner’s undiagnosed tumor.

Daisy, a 10-year-old Lab from the UK, has now been awarded a medal for her life-saving work.

Her owner Dr. Claire Guest began training her to sniff out the killer disease in urine and breath samples when she was still a little puppy. Little did she know that Daisy would detect the big C in her. Apparently, Daisy can sniff out growing cancer cells inside the body.

Medical dogs like Daisy are trained by smelling samples of cancer diagnosed people and those people without it so they can learn to tell the difference.

Today, Daisy has found cancer in 551 patients, with an accuracy rate of 93 percent.

Blue Cross, an animal rescue charity, presented Daisy with a medal for her achievements.She faced tough competition, including JJ, an IED detection dog who has saved countless soldiers’ lives in Afghanistan.

“All the judges on the medal panel were really touched by Daisy’s remarkable story and the incredible difference she has made,” Steve Goody, the charity’s deputy chief executive, said. “Cancer affects the lives of thousands of people and Daisy has made a huge contribution to the diagnosis and early treatment of cancers – she’s a very deserving medal recipient.”

The amazing Daisy is now helping to train a team of 12 dogs at Medical Detection Dogs.She now works as a ‘senior consultant’ for the UK’s first ever trial using dogs to detect breast cancer.


Images: SWNS
Source: Daily Mail