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Collar Can Tell Your Dog’s Health Status


Collars Can Tell You Your Dog's Health StatusDid you know that there’s a collar on the market that can tell your dog’s health status?

More and more health gadgets are emerging in the market as health enthusiasts multiply at a rapid speed.  Today, high tech collars can tell you your dog’s health status!

Concerned pet owners are able to buy a monitor to keep track of their dogs and cats’ pulse rate and even the calories they burn.

The pet health gadget called “smart collar” will be launched in the United Kingdom next year. The collar will allow cats and dogs to inform their owners how they feel. It will also allow them to build a “personal health profile” of their pets and even engage comparison with similar cats and dogs.

Vets said it could help diagnose and manage diseases.

Petpace, the firm behind the monitor, says it will also help detect whether a pet is in pain by analyzing physiological and behavioral activities and signs. It will also analyze information with regard to the pet’s medical history and criteria specific to the breed.

Pet owners can also set up warning messages to be set through text notifying them and their vet to any suspicious trends.

The gadget was launched in the US following three years of research and development. It is sold for $150 plus a monthly service charge.

“This kind of monitoring system could be very helpful in the diagnosis and management of disease,” British Veterinary Association president Robin Hargreaves told Veterinary Times.

“However, as with any type of diagnostic test monitoring the health of an animal, the interpretation of the results should be made by a veterinary surgeon, taking into account the clinical history of the animal as well as a physical examination by the vet.”


Image and article source: The Telegraph