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Christmas Gift Suggestions For Labrador Lovers!


Just a few more days until Christmas and we bet you’re just excited as we are!

Last time, we gave you Christmas gift ideas for your Labradors! Now, we’re giving you Christmas gift suggestions for Labrador lovers! If you think your Labs will love the gifts you give them, we’re pretty sure their humans would feel the same about these gift suggestions!


Does your Lab secretly sprinkle some pee-pee? Then, this gizmo might be the one you need! Find those stains with the use of this stain finding flashlight!


Do you love knitting? Perhaps this leisure book may be a great gift for you..or your friend! From Dalmatians to Bulldogs, this book will help you create your knitted pooches!



Awww. Who would want to skip meals when these cute Labradors serve as your salt and pepper shakers?



Decorate your patio or garden with this Solar Garden Light Labrador!