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Chocolate Labrador Puppy Attacks The Paparazzi!


Meet Ted!

This cute chocolate Labrador puppy can’t stand the paparazzi!

The adorable and chubby pup is resting quietly by the couch when a suspicious item keeps creeping along the carpet towards him.

Labrador Puppy Attacks The PaparazziAt first, Ted the Labrador is curious. He sniffs the item wondering what it could be.

It’s a camera operated by the paparazzi and he does not like it one little bit!

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First he paws at it! Then he barks at it – and it’s the most delightful, squeaky puppy bark ever!

When all of that fails to drive the irritating paparazzi away, the Labrador cutie goes in to full-on puppy attack mode!

What a cutie!

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