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Check Out The Cutest Labradors This Halloween!


Halloween may be over but we still have the trick or treat hangover!

Candies, spooky pumpkins, and terrifying creatures haunted your streets a few days ago and among them, four-legged cuties had also wandered the streets not to beg for candies but to provide the cuteness we all need this season.

We asked for your submissions and spotted adorable Labradors in costumes!

Check out the photos below!


This is Rio! Awww. Isn’t she a beautiful cowgirl?

Cindy Kennedy - Cowgirl Rio
Cindy Kennedy/Facebook


This Lion Lab doesn’t scare us. He just melted our hearts.

Danny Gonzales - Lion Lab
Danny Gonzales/Facebook


This beautiful bee let’s her eyes do all the talking. What a beauty!

Daniel Balarezo
Daniel Balarezo/Facebook


This is Luna and she’s ready to guard your hard-earned sweets!

Gary Blevins - Luna 1
Gary Blevins/Facebook


This cutie supports his favorite NFL team, the Minnesota Vikings, even on Halloween! Go Vikings!

Kathy Linzey
Kathy Linzey/Facebook


Meet Blue and Apple! These pumpkin Labbies are such sweeties, don’t you think?

Caroline Quiara - Blue
Caroline Quiara/Facebook
Caroline Quiara - Apple
Caroline Quiara/Facebook


This adorable pumpkin sure is a darling!

Diane Lillard Jungert - Pumpkin Lab
Diane Lillard Jungert /Facebook


More pumpkin sweethearts!

Kim Hagen
Kim Hagen/Facebook
Douglas Aitkenhead
Douglas Aitkenhead/Facebook


It’s a Halloween party for this pack of Labs! Which one is your favorite?

Lab Rescue LRCP
Lab Rescue LRCP/Facebook


How dapper! Who wants a date with this gentleman?

Melissa Blake
Melissa Blake/Facebook

Despite this Lab’s costume, we’re pretty sure he’s a softy and sweet!

Amy rayworth
Amy Rayworth/Facebook


Who needs Spiderman when you have this one?

Autism Service Dogs of America
Autism Service Dogs of America/Facebook


We know what this witch Lab is broiling…..a love potion! But you don’t need that, sweetie!

Cassidy White 1
Cassidy White/Facebook

Did your Labs have fun this Halloween?

We’re already looking forward to next year!