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What to Look for When Buying a Dog Bed


Many of us are dog lovers but most have never had a dog in their life. If they have, they haven’t paid much attention to buying a dog bed as they’ve noticed that their pup sleeps anywhere. dog bed A well cared for dog needs certain things, though; and a nice and comfortable dog bed is definitely one of those things. When you’re buying a mattress for yourself, of course, you pay attention to its characteristics in order to find the best fit for your body. The same should be done when picking out a dog bed.

Types of Dog Beds

Not all dogs are the same, and you should get acquainted with the types, first. Which type of bed depends on what kind of dog you have, it’s habits, how it sleeps, and the overall style of the house.

  • Standard Dog Beds

This is the first and most widely available option, no matter where you’re from. These kinds of beds are usually the most affordable type and there are some levels of comfort which determine the height of the price. A standard dog bed resembles a big pillow which has a softer top and some extra padding. If you have a large dog, you might want to get a standard bed. This is because the dog won’t feel cramped in its bed, as it would if it had a bed with edges. The standard dog bed is also fairly easy to keep clean because the covers can be taken off and washed in the washing machine.

  • Kennel Dog Bed

If you use a kennel or cage to keep your dog out of trouble, you’ll want to make its experience more comfortable by buying a bed which will fit perfectly into the kennel. The warm and comfy floor will also make the kennel look less scary and can even feel like home to the dog. They come in two types, and which you get depends solely on you and your dog’s performance. One is water resistant and the other machine washable. There are also different sizes, depending on how big your dog and kennel are.  These are especially useful if your dog likes to spend a lot of time in their kennel.

  • Nest Dog Beds

If you have a smaller or medium pup, then the nest bed could be the one for you. It’s shaped somewhat like a donut, with a lot more room and structural foundation, though. The edges are round and plastic, usually decorated with an attractive pattern, and the middle is soft and comfy. Dogs seem to really take a liking to this bed. Maybe that’s because it’s so comfortable, and it might even have something to do with the feeling of being nestled in. Whatever the reason, they still look adorable in their sleeping quarters. What’s more, these kinds of beds are easy to get a hold of, and very affordable.

  • Heating or Cooling Dog Beds

If you have a dog which is sensitive to the outside temperatures, you should consider buying one of these kinds of beds. The heating one is usually accompanied by an orthopedic mattress, whereas the latter looks more like a mat. Breeds which get cold easily and are sensitive should sleep on the heating one. It might even be suitable for puppies for that extra protection while they’re little. On the other hands, breeds which love the cold and tend to overheat will love the cooling beds. This usually means those big, fluffy dogs who love the snow. These are usually very easily maintained and you can ask your local pet shop for the availability.

  • Donut Dog Bed

Much like their name suggests, these beds resemble donuts. They’re small and circular, with elevated edges to enhance comfort. The whole bed is made out of plush and looks like a small cushion your dog will enjoy. They’re different from standard dog beds because of the aforementioned elevated edges which let the dog lean on them while napping. These are more suitable for smaller breeds, as the big dogs don’t like to be cramped and nestled as much. It’s not advisable to get them for an older or weaker dog because the structure isn’t very firm and they won’t find it as comfortable. Instead, it might be better to get a nest dog bed for your older pooch.

  • Travel Dog Beds

Usually, you have to leave your dog at home when you’re taking a trip, or, if they do get to come along, you’ll have to put up your puppy in an uncomfortable and unfamiliar bed. This can cause some issues for the dog as they are not used to this environment and will feel stressed. Having something they love with them will help them better adjust to the new surroundings. They’re similar to standard beds but they can be folded or rolled up. This makes them easy to pack and less likely to get dirty while you’re on the road. It also leaves more room for other luggage. Now your dog can accompany you anywhere!

  • Orthopedic Dog Beds

Dogs that suffer from orthopedic diseases such as arthritis will surely appreciate a bed specifically designed for their comfort. They give your dog extra support thanks to the additional foam which puts less stress on the joints. Any dog can use this kind of bed but weaker, older, and sick dogs will benefit from it most. They’re more expensive than normal dog beds because of their superior comfort, but they are worth every penny as you will see the difference in your dog’s walk pretty quickly. They’re suitable for bigger and smaller breeds because they don’t have any edges and are rather vast, so smaller dogs will like to curl up on them, while bigger ones will get to lie down comfortably.

  • Covered Dog Beds

If you have a skittish doggy who likes its privacy and doesn’t open up to company very much, then you might want to get it a covered dog bed. This sort of bed resembles a dog house but is meant for the inside. It will also provide a warmer environment for your pup. These are especially good for winters because the floor is much colder than any part of the house. It also gives the dog its own special home, rewarding it with a sense of property and belonging. In turn, your dog will be much more comfortable around the house. It’s suitable for smaller breeds, as bigger dogs usually aren’t so shy and don’t prefer to be hidden this way.

  • Raised Dog Beds

Sleeping on the floor or right next to it isn’t something a dog is too likely to enjoy. This is especially true for winter when the whole house gets colder. An elevated dog bed will help your dog stay warmer. If the pup likes climbing on the couch where it’s not allowed, the raised bed will surely get rid of that problem, as it will have its own bed to climb on. These kinds of beds are more suitable for big dogs. Dogs like to keep an eye on the whole household and monitor their surroundings. By getting your dog a raised bed, you allow for a sense of stability and security which it needs.

Other things you should know

It may seem like dogs can sleep anywhere, but they need a dog bed for a reason. Much like you need your own room to relax and unwind, and to have your own sense of privacy, your dog needs personal space.
What’s more, when you provide your dog with a bed, it discourages it from climbing other furniture. This means that all the hair and odors are kept in one place.
It’s not good for your pooch to sleep on the ground because then it’s directly exposed to the cold or hot. A dog bed is like a layer of insulation.

Bed placement is also an important factor. Observe your pets sleeping habits. Where does it like to lie down? Dogs usually prefer places where they can see everything from but which aren’t in the center of the action. When you buy the dog bed, put it in the place where your dog likes to sleep, and they’ll get used to the bed quicker.


As you can see, picking out a dog bed isn’t simply getting the first bed you see in the pet shop. Every dog is different and they need a specific dog bed, so if you choose the bed accordingly, your pup is bound to be happy and comfortable. A good bed is also a fair contribution to the dog’s health, and you’ll see how much more rested they are after a good night’s sleep. They’re bound to express their thanks in more affection, too. Remember that dogs are energetic creatures which require a lot of care, and giving them a sound bed to sleep in definitely ranks you as a responsible dog owner.