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Bus Picks Up Dogs For Doggy Day Care


Dogs Picked Up By Bus For Doggie Day CareThis isn’t your ordinary bus.

This particular bus picks up dogs for doggy day care!

Beau, Beacher, Darla, Summer, Lacy and Lola are now aboard with a certain Robin Jackson, the only one “connected” who uses the bus as her office.

The bus isn’t heading downtown but is rather heading south to York County.

When the bus got to its destination, the commuters suddenly show a lot of excitement.

This is going to be a whole day of play – running, jumping, catching balls, getting wet in the wading pools and even a spirited game of chase your own tail.

These passengers are dogs and they’re spending their day with lots of their friends at Sheba’s Doggy Day Camp!

In Sheba’s Doggy Day Camp, dogs have ample space to play around or just relax. But should they get unruly, they go into time out.

The design of the bus boasts whimsical motifs with butterflies and dogs! It is exactly what Jackson wanted: a moving advertisement for business– catchy yet silent. One would expect a  bus full of doggy day campers to be extremely noisy.

Although the bus has occasional barkers, the dogs usually don’t start barking until they reach the camp and ready to play!

The idea for the bus came when Jackson was picking up dogs with one of her vans. She saw parents, their children, and their dogs, waiting for the school bus. She thought it would be cool if dogs have school buses, too!

Jackson’s business is named after one of her favorite dogs, Sheba. Sheba was a Labrador Retriever-Rottweiller mix who was “not very bright, but she was a gentle giant,” according to Jackson.

Sheba’s photo is taped to the wall of the bus. Sheba died about 10 years ago but her memory lives on the business Jackson named after her. She has a bus with her name on it as well. And soon, she also will have stop signs with her name that will serve as neighborhood pick-up points. .

Jackson’s next goal is to expand her business with specific neighborhood pickups. To make things easier, she’s hoping to have a common pick-up and drop-off point. Hence the Sheba’s bus stop signs.

Jackson hopes a neighborhoods and businesses will allow her to post the signs where the parents, the kids – and the dogs – can wait to be picked up.

Source: Herald Online