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Britain’s Fattest Labrador Dog Is Double His Ideal Weight!


Dinky Dan is dubbed Britain’s fattest Labrador.

This obese Labrador’s well-meaning owners fed him so much food that he spread DOUBLE the size he should be.  

When Dan’s rescuers found him, he weighed a whopping 115lbs – that’s heavier than a baby hippo!

Seven-year-old Dan’s Christmas may not be as festive this year as the staff at the Dogs Trust Rehoming Centre in Canterbury, Kent, have put him on a strict diet.

The pooch is on a strict calorie-controlled diet and exercise plan to help him slim down and lose those extra pounds. A normal Labrador of his age should weigh around 55lbs.

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Dogs Trust hopes that Dan’s future family can keep him on the right track and help him trim down to a healthier size.

“Dinky Dan is one of the largest dogs we have seen at Dogs Trust but he’s a happy, friendly boy and we know that with plenty of walkies and a strict diet we can help him shed those extra pounds,” Adam Levy, Dogs Trust Canterbury Rehoming Centre Manager said.

Dinky Dan has already lost 4lbs and will need to continue his diet and exercise program in his new home if he wishes to reach his ideal weight.

“Dan is such a friendly boy who loves nothing more than playing with his toys and meeting other dogs on his walks,” Adam said. “He is looking for an active family home with owners who can help him stick to a healthy, dog-friendly diet and ensure he gets plenty of daily exercise. We’re sure that in the right home and with plenty of support, he can shift the pounds in no time.”

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It is believed that the Lab had put on weight after his former owners overfed him and gave him lots of human food like pies and roast dinners.

Dog owners love spoiling their dogs with delicious food but Dogs Trust Veterinary Director Paula Boyden says that it’s best to make it an occasional treat.

“It’s important not to over-feed dogs as the excess weight puts strain on their bodies, particularly the heart and joints,” she says. “Human food is not an ideal balanced diet for your dog. Dog treats and special meals, for example dog-friendly cakes, should be occasional and certainly not a replacement for a regular diet. Such treats are often highly calorific so if you are giving them to your dog, reduce their daily meal portions accordingly.”