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“My, Boy, Ben” – A Must-Read Labrador Story – Now Available


My Boy BenEverybody thinks they have the best Lab in the world and none of them is wrong. From his first day home until the day he left, you loved every single moment of it. Sadly, our dogs are also easy to lose.

In the book “My Boy, Ben,” David Wheaton tells you about his once-in-a-lifetime dog – an awesome Labrador.

As the youngest of four kids, Wheaton cherished dogs and had always wanted one as his own. This meantasking his parents to help with the dog care as he is a traveling tennis pro player.

That was something they weren’t willing to do, so it remained a dream until he received a note from his mother that mentioned a dog she happened to notice.

A Labrador Retriever from a kennel in Iowa, had an easy-going demeanor. The pooch was textbook perfect, with a blocky head and kind brown eyes.

They immediately got in touch with the owner of the kennel and put down a deposit on a puppy who wasn’t even yet conceived.Wheaton was overjoyed.

Months later, they picked up their new puppy and named him Ben.

That was the beginning of their story. Unlike most stories and novels about dogs, “My Boy, Ben” has two big surprises in its pages. It’s for readers to find out what they are.

Make sure your pack of tissues is ready as you turn each page of this book. For everyone who has truly loved a dog, “My Boy, Ben” could be your once-in-a-lifetime book.

You can get this book here.


Image and article source: DL-Online