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Blaze the Labrador Obtains His Track And Trail Certification!


Blaze the Labrador recently obtained his track and trail certification!

From obedience school to visiting Sisters of Providence , Blaze the future arson dog has now grown up.

Now, he’s fulfilling his intended purpose.

Blaze the Labrador Obtains His Track And Trail Certification

Soon, he’ll finish his arson detection training is Wisconsin but recently he obtained his certification as a track and trail dog.

“We worked hard together – a lot of hours – and accomplishing that is amazing,” Darrick Scott, Blaze’s handler, says.

Indiana’s track and trail certification is among the toughest in the nation—that’s why Darrick is proud of his partner. Keep in mind that the yellow Labrador Retriever is not even 2-years-old yet.

It’s about a mile-and-a-half long over several different types of terrain. And they’re tracking a missing person,” said Bob Cramer of Great Lakes Search and Rescue.

Testing Blaze’s new skill,a woman agreed to pretend to be a missing person.  She puts down flags along her trail to give Darrick an idea of where Blaze should be, but it’s up to the yellow Labrador to find her.

“Well, the biggest thing for me is to watch him,” said Scott.  “Look for the positive indicators when he’s on the trail and the negative ones when he comes off.”

Darrick lets Blaze sniff a hat, which would be something similar to what a missing person would leave behind.

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From there, Darrick lets Blaze do his job.  He stops from time to time, but Blaze finds that trail and quickly makes his way towards his goal.  The awesome Lab finds the ‘missing’ person with ease.

“He knows at the end of that, at the end of the track when he finds the victim, it’s going to be a big ‘ol party,” Darrick explained.  “He’s going to get loved on.”

Blaze is expected to complete his arson detection training in late July.  The Labrador could be state certified in that by the end of the fall.  According to the Indiana Department of Homeland Security, Blaze would be the only dog in the state certified in both arson detection and track and trail.