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Black Labrador Plays Ball Boy For Toy Poodle!


This is a game of fetch like no other.

In this adorable dog video, a Labrador plays ball boy for a Toy Poodle.

When the dogs’ human throws the ball in the hallway, the Poodle happily fetches it for him but there is a problem. The curly cutie drops the ball on the floor instead of bringing it back to her owner.

Labrador Dog Plays Ball Boy For Toy Poodle

Worry not because Sammy the black Labrador is there to fix the problem!

As soon as the command is given, Sammy the black Labrador picks up the ball and returns it to his human!

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What a good boy!

Normally you can’t keep a Labrador away from a moving ball, but Sammy sure is disciplined and co-operative!

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