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‘Between Two Dogs’ Shows Touching Relationships Between Pairs Of Dogs! Awesome Dog Photobook Released!


Last week, a talented photographer released a photobook entitled Between Two Dogs. The book showcases the amazing bond between 30 pairs of dogs.

Shaina Fishman, a photographer based in New York, captured amazing and adorable candid photos showing different interactions between pairs of dogs.

“I photographed 30 pairs of dogs – all different breeds,” Shaina says. “”The duos are composed of two puppies or a puppy and an adult.

In the pages of Between Two Dogs by Shaina Fishman, you will see dogs sharing a kiss, cuddling, play fighting and more!  Shaina shot 30 pairs of dogs for the project, which has since been turned into her first book.

Various dog breeds are featured in the book including Labradors, Jack Russells, Pugs, Dalmatians, Basset Hounds and more!

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The idea behind this pawsome project came to Shaina early in her photography career when she snapped a photo of two Bulldogs – a puppy and an adult, interacting.

“The puppy is biting the adult’s ear, who is laying on her back appearing to be laughing. It is this image that the publisher and so many others loved – that was the launch board for the book. The inspiration was to capture these unique moments and the bond between two dogs,” she said.

Shaina admits that the presence of the dogs’ owners is really helpful as they may know certain commands that work best for their pooches.

In her photos, Shaina wanted the dogs to be completely natural. She wants to capture their personalities!

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So far, the book, which was released last week, has received many positive responses, with people sharing their favorite combinations of pooches.

“I want whoever is the audience of the images to not only see a cute dog but to see a personality and an emotion that is relatable and humorous. On top of that I love pairing images together to tell a story,” Shaina said.