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Best Counter To Terrorism Is Still A Dog! A Vapor Wake® Bomb Detecting Labrador!


Best Counter To Terrorism Is Still A DogStapleton Group is the first and only private security firm to offer Vapor Wake® Canine Services. They remain unparalleled in the field of explosive detecting dogs.

Stapleton Group agrees that all high profile and large public gatherings, like crowded sports arenas,are probable target for acts of terrorism.

The Auburn University Canine Performance Science (CPS) Researchers have created what many consider to the counter to these threats- the patented Vapor Wake® Canine.

People are overwhelmed and thankful to these gifted animals. They create a whole new level of comfort for the public.

“This is only one reason we have received overwhelming positive feedback from our Vapor Wake® clients,” says Paul Stapleton.

These dogs are energetic hunting breeds that work very hard with the other members of security. All at once, hundreds of thousands of pedestrians are being thoroughly checked and screened without even knowing or feeling it.

Vapor Wake canines can sniff out explosives in-motion. Traditional explosive detection dogs must be led to objects and be instructed to search.  The Vapor Wake canines are trained to be obedient to only explosive scent, not static objects. They sniff the air four times per second.

“This requires a much higher trained dog, and fewer numbers of dogs are able to do that,” Dr. Jim Floyd, Director of Auburn University CPS.

According to former Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly, a key to the department’s success has been technological innovation. In January 2012, the commissioner introduced two new and promising programs as he spoke to 100 supporters and guests of the Police Foundation at its annual fund-raising breakfast. He highlighted one of the two new and promising program: “Vapor Wake dogs, Labrador retrievers trained to detect airborne particles trailing behind someone who has been around explosives.”

Stapleton Group has sent Vapor Wake® canine teams to hundreds of media rich, high profile events like marathons, sporting events, convention centers, government facilities as well as site specific locations throughout the United States.

So thenext time you see a Stapleton Group Vapor Wake® Canine Team, do say hello. They encourage interaction with the community. They also say that it is their responsibility to 1 – help protect people and property from devious acts of terrorism, and 2 – educate as many people as they can about all the proactive tools this country has on their side.

The company alsotries hard to offer capable and cost-effective Vapor Wake® and explosive detection canine services.  To ensure they offer best-in-class services, they operate on a strict value system. They believe that their dedication to the fundamental tenets of honesty, integrity and fair business dealings will enable them to continue their long legacy of success.

Source: Sys-Con Media