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Beer For Dogs! Snuffle – A Beer Brewed Just For Dogs!


Beer For DogsBeer for dogs! What will they think of next?

Snuffle is a Belgian beer brewed just for dogs. The product will be on the shelves of Pets At Home stores in the UK within two weeks.

Snuffle spokesman Stefaan Dielens says “Belgium is famous for its beer, so for us the goal is to also have the very best beer for dogs – it must be from Belgium.

“At the moment, if a dog sees you drinking he might come over and think ‘Hey, where’s mine?’

The company says their product will forge a stronger connection between dog and owner.

They say that Snuffle is more than just a gimmick. The beer seeks to cure the apparently common issue of dogs not drinking enough water daily.

The beer does not have any alcohol, nor the gas content you’d find in your everyday UK lager. This is replaced with chicken or beef flavoring, Vitamin B, oils and minerals. They’re promoting it as a safe and healthy drink for dogs.

“All the ingredients are also good for people,” claims Dielens. “It’s made in a brewery, so it’s made like normal beer, only we don’t add the alcohol and the last ingredient is beef or chicken.

“But you can drink it,” adds Dielens. “I’ve had a bottle of Snuffle – it tastes a bit like chicken bouillon.”

Dielens claims the reactions to date have ranged from amusement to amazement!

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Article and image source: The Telegraph