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Beau Biden Adopts Labrador Mix


Beau Biden Adopts Labrador Mix 2Formerly named Peggy, this 9-month old Labrador mix was found abandoned along a road in Mississippi. The poor pooch was taken to the Nantucket Safe Harbor for Animals in Massachusets.

Now named Indi, she is enjoying her new life in the arms of the US Vice President’s son, Beau Biden, and his family.

Indi left the shelter in style. While most adopted dogs enjoy their car rides home, Indi went aboard Air Force Two.

The Bidens spend Thanksgiving in Nantucket, Massachusets every year. The younger Mr. Biden and his family bumped into the pooch while she was on a walk with her foster mother. Indi was wearing a bandanna with the words “adopt me,” said Pam Murphy, president of the shelter’s board.

“The family stopped her and was just so enthralled with Peggy,” Ms. Murphy said. “She’s very affectionate.” Peggy’s foster mom handed the family a card for the shelter—but didn’t realize to whom s
he was speaking until later that night.

“The whole family immediately fell in love with her,” said Joshua Alcorn, a spokesman for the Beau Biden.

Beau Biden’s family came to the shelter on Friday and applied to adopt her.

“Of course they got glowing references from everybody,” Ms. Murphy said. They adopted the dog on Saturday November 29, and the shelter brought her to the airport on Sunday November 30. Volunteers present posed for photos with the vice president.

On December 1, Ms. Murphy posted a pictureof Peggy boarding Air Force Two.

“I wish the person who dumped her on the side of the road in MS could see her now: grand dog to the VP!” she posted on Facebook.

It doesn’t end there. Beau Biden is planning to run for governor in 2016.

His family also has a one-year-old yellow Labrador.Posing with volunteers from the shelter may have helped the elder Mr. Biden’s image after issues were raised after adopting a German shepherd puppy from a breeder. The animal rights group PETA, aired TV ads in Delaware, Mr. Biden’s home state, with the slogan “Buy One, Get One Killed,” pointing out that shelters takes down animals because people looking for pets seek out breeders instead.


Source: The Wall Street Journal