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BBC News Interviews Labrador Bounce Who Makes The Best TV Guest Ever!


A Labrador sure brightened up a news broadcast on BBC today!

BBC News interviewed Labrador Bounce! The Labrador was the best TV guest ever!

Well actually it was animal psychologist Dr Roger Mugford who brought his yellow Labrador, Bounce, into the BBC Newsroom. They were there to  chat about a recent research study that says dogs can differentiate between happy and angry human facial expressions! Mugford even suggested that you should allow your dog to choose your partner! That’s how well dog’s judge character!

Bounce seems quite interested as things got started! Well, maybe not quite!

BBC News Interviews Labrador Bounce

The interview got a lot more “interesting” when the Labrador got totally bored and stopped paying attention completely!

BBC News Interviews Labrador Bounce1

Netizens were fascinated and things spread fast “There’s a Labrador on the news” echoed through cyberspace!

Things got even more tedious for poor Bounce the Labrador! The pup just wanted to go home! Bored, the pooch slipped down in his chair! He’s like saying “Please, please can we get outta here!”

BBC News Interviews Labrador Bounce2a


Finally, the Labrador had had enough! He lay down on the chair and let the human’s get on with it!

Thanks for brightening up the news Bounce!

Watch the full interview! It’s very interesting, even if Labbie Bounce didn’t think so!

Article and image source: BBC News