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Barking Labrador Retriever Could Cost One Seattle Family $500 000!


A barking Labrador Retriever could cost one Seattle family $500 000.

When Denise Norton was sued by her neighbor Woodrow Thompson, she thought it was joke and ignored it. The complaint claims that Norton’s Labrador, Cawper, barks as loud as 128 decibels through double pane windows. That’s pretty much louder than a chainsaw and a thunder strike, according to research.

In the complaint the Labrador is described as being notorious for “raucously, wildly bellowing, howling and explosively barking.”

The plaintiff also refers to the dogs as an outrage, and states that the dog’s barking caused “profound emotional distress.”

Norton lost because she didn’t challenge the suit and it went to default judgment.

“In my head, everything was so bogus that he’d been doing, I don’t know why, I just didn’t think it was real or something,” Norton said.

“The sheriff comes, puts the papers on the garage and the wall and everything and saying they were going to put the house up for sale,” Norton said.

Norton is now fighting the judgment and working to get the case dismissed. A court date is pending.

Image and article source: KDVR