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Awesome Labrador Mix Skateboards Like A Pro


This awesome Labrador mix is into extreme sports – well, sort of.

This is Harry, a four-year-old Lab mix, and he can push himself on a skateboard like a pro!

His owner, Christina Farley from Stubbington, Hampshire in UK, says Harry started life as a petulant little puppy. He even had a serious barking problem. And now, he spends his time and energy practicing his cool stunts.

Give this adorable Lab a skateboard andhe knows exactly what to do: first, he’ll put all four paws on the deck. Then,he’ll push off with his back right leg to get rolling.

That’s not all! Harry has more talents to show! He can catch a ball with his paws while standing on his hind legs like a meerkat! He can stack cups in order of size. He can also get the mail and dance on cue.

Christina has spent around 4 hours a week teaching her dog new tricks for the past three years.

Awesome Labrador Mix Skateboards Like A Pro 1“When he was four months old he used to bark excessively and he needed to learn a lot of self-control,” she said. “I took him to lessons at Canine Communications in Gosport and they said he was like that because he was very intelligent.”

Christina did not believe at first.

“At first I didn’t believe them but they proved me wrong. He just needed his mind stimulated. Now he does tricks for fun,” she said.

At eight months, Harry won the national competition My Dog’s Got Talent at Paws in the Park in Detling, Kent. How cool is that?

Daredevil skateboarding may look and sound like it is the most fun, but Christina said, Harry’s favorite game is stacking cups.

“We take [the cups] wherever we go so we can show people what he can do,” she said. “He is clicker trained so as a reward he gets a click and then a treat, his favorite is liver cake.”

Awesome Labrador Mix Skateboards Like A Pro 2“Harry is currently learning to play a kids grand piano. It’s amazing how far he has come. He’s a very lovely, energetic dog,” she added!

Harry is truly an amazing pooch!


Source: Daily Mail