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Awesome Labrador Dog Paints Like A Pro!


Meet Dagger II! This awesome Labrador dog paints like a pro!

The LabradorGolden Retriever mix from Long Island, New York has an incredible artistic side. Using a brush, an easel and acrylic paint, this dog makes terrific masterpieces.

Before his painting talent was discovered, Dagger was trained to work as a service dog for people with disabilities. He was unfortunately disqualified because he’s scared of using the stairs.

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One day his owner, Yvonne Dagger, discovered his fascination for art.

”He always lays down next to me,” she said. “But one day he was nudging me and I asked if he wanted to paint and his tail started wagging!”

Since then, Dagger II has been nicknamed Dog Vinci. He also sports a cool red beret like a real artist!

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The Labrador mix dog sure is putting his talents to good use. The talented 3-year-old accepts commissions and his works fetch up to $100 a piece. All the money he earns from selling his artworks goes to a dog charity.

What an awesome dog!

Practice makes perfect!!!!

Posted by Dagger II aka DogVinci on Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Source: Dagger II aka DogVinci/Facebook