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Autistic Boy’s Stolen Labrador Retriever Back Home After Mother’s Viral Campaign


Autistic Boys Stolen Labrador Retriever Back Home After Mothers Viral CampaignAn autistic boy’s stolen Labrador Retriever is back home after his mother launched a viral campaign!

The child, TJ Early, was immensely heartbroken when his Labrador, Bane, was stolen from their home last Friday. Mom, Stacey Early, said they had left the hours at 11am. When they got back at 1pm the Labrador was nowhere to be found. Human footprints near the fence indicated that someone probably jumped over the fence and stole the dog!

Stacey said on Facebook:

How could anyone steal a kind family pet who was loved by a little 8-year-old boy? It’s the only thing he has in the world as he has special needs he can’t go out and play on the street. He and the dog are best friends. He is devastated.

Mom launched a Facebook campaign to find the dog. It went viral and currently has more than 5,000.

This morning, after a long 72 hours apart, TJ was reunited with his beloved Labrador.

I cannot describe how we are feeling right now, it was a very long 72 hours,” Stacey said.

The dog was found unharmed near the head office of a dog food company.

The owners of the Blue Grass Dog Food company spotted the dog and got in touch with the family.

We’ll let TJ’s beaming smile speak for itself.

Watch the reunion.

Stacy is very grateful for the public support! She plans to keep the Facebook page going to help others. She said on Facebook:

Since this page has been absolutely overwhelming with the support of people I plan to keep the page running and help other lost/stolen dogs. I will never be able to thank each and every one of you enough for the help and support to get bane back home. I’m still in shock as I really thought I would never see him again, only thing that kept me going was my son TJ. I would of searched as long as it took to find bane I was never going to give up no matter what. I honestly never imagined the publicity this page received, I believe it’s thanks to the media and every single person on this page is the reason Bane is back home tonight . No one could have kept him or sold him as nearly every single person in the country was aware of who Bane was. Thank you everyone for making our happy ever after possible.



Image: Please Help Find Bane/Facebook
Source: thejournal.ie