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Autistic Boy Reunited With His Labrador Service Dog, Echo! Hooray!


Autistic Boy Reunited With Labrador Service DogEcho, a Labrador service dog and caregiver an autistic boy, 5-year-old Mark Fontana, is back home where he belongs.

Mark cannot communicate with words. Echo is his best friend who provides all kinds of assistance to ensure that he copes with daily life. The Lab service dog went missing on Nov. 6, He was last seen about a block from the Fontanas’ home in Rye, N.Y.

Thanks to extensive news coverage and community support, a woman found him wandering and took him home. Mark’s mother, Emily Fontana, told NBC 4 New York that the family was “beyond thrilled and grateful” that the dog was back home.

His mother said, “There’s something about Echo that has brought a calm and peace to Mark, and by extension, our whole family,”
After ten days of searching for the Lab, the family received a call on Friday, Nov 18.

The caller said,  “I think I might have your missing dog,” and my heart stopped,” said Mrs Fontana. The woman who returned Echo told the Fontanas she has seen the news coverage about Echo and brought the dog back.

“A good Samaritan found her and gave the dog to her sister in the Bronx, and the sister had Echo safe and sound,” said Fontana. “She was on a couch, she was warm, she was fed, and we’re so grateful for that.”

Emily Fontana surprised Mark at his school on Friday afternoon. The happy reunion was captured by NBC 4 New York. Echo licked Mark’s face as he laughed and smiled. These are emotions that his mother hasn’t witnessed since the Lab disappeared.

Article Source: NBC New York


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