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Are You One Of The Owners Who Put Their Dogs In Danger On Christmas?


During Christmas, more than half of dog owners give their pups Christmas treats even though they know those munchies can make them ill.

According to surveys, 71% of owners feed their dogs’ turkey and gravy – that can cause vomiting and diarrhea –and fruit in mince pies can damage their kidneys.

About 49% said they feedtheir dogs’human food over Christmas because dogs are “part of the family”. But these actions led to a trip to the vet for 15%, the pet food firm survey found.

“Don’t let dogs anywhere near your indulgent foods,” TV’s Adam Henson said.

A new study reveals that 5.5 million dogs owners will put their pets in danger this Christmas by feeding them harmful food. The research also shows that 61% of owners will let their dogs join them around the table for Christmas dinner.

Are You One Of The Owners Who Put Their Dogs In Danger On Christmas (2)Appallingly, 56% will feed their dog potentially harmful human foods despite knowing that it can be potentially and severely damaging.

Pet food companyForthgladeconducted the survey and asked dog owners about feeding their pets indulgent foods over the yuletide season.

It appearsthat people feel guilty about the thought of letting their four-legged-friends miss out on mince pies at Christmas. About 9%give their dogs’ mince pie not knowing that the raisins or sultanas in it can cause kidney failure in their pets.

Adisturbing one-in-five feel that it’s okay to feed pets human food because “Christmas is a special occasion.”

TV presenter Adam Henson has issued a health warning to dog owners, emphasizing the dangers of feeding Christmas foods to their pets.

“I can’t believe how ignorant owners are at Christmas. The results of the study are really worrying,”the Countryfile star said.” I have two dogs at home that I adore but I’m aware of the dangers of humanizing and sharing too much with them.

Are You One Of The Owners Who Put Their Dogs In Danger On Christmas 2“Don’t let your dogs anywhere near your indulgent foods at the Christmas table, however much they appear to love it.

“If you share food with your dog it will not only be a hazard to their health but it can cause behavioral issues, dominance, hyper-activity and obesity.

“This Christmas, treat your dog to a healthy balanced diet – it will be the best gift you can give them.”

Take note that some festive treats should never go into the dog’s food-bowl like stuffing, gravy, raisins, sultanas, and chocolates.


Source: Daily Mirror