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Are You Game For The Dog Treat Challenge?


Are You Game For The Dog Treat ChallengeStray Rescue of St. Louis is starting a movement called the “Dog Treat Challenge.”

The concept is easy. You may eat a dog treat and donate $10, or choose not to eat a dog treat and donate $100. You need to post a video of you snacking the dog treat on social media and use the hashtag #SRDogTreatChallenge.

The proceeds will go to the Sidney Strum Animal Abuse Fund.

A family from Chicago, came to adopt Martini on Monday. Martini had been shot, had her jaw broken, and lost a leg due to abuse.

“So we came down to meet her to see if she would work into our family,” said the Mott family.

Nicole, Andrew and Madeline Mott took the dog treat challenge.“We did that yesterday and it wasn’t so bad.”

Randy Grim, Stray Rescue founder, says, “Stray Rescue is always in need of funds because we give every dog a second chance. We don’t euthanize them because they’ve been shot. We actually treat the wound and so our medical bills alone are $2.4 million a year.”

Teresa Miller and her five area Treats Unleashed stores made the decision to offer free biscuits to those want to take the challenge.

Miller says, “We’ve got banana, peanut butter, blueberry, pumpkin…but we don’t’ put any kind of sugar, not salts that type of thing.”

“Most people when they think about eating a dog treat, it doesn’t sound very appetizing. But we just happen to be in the dog treat baking world so our customers know we use human grade ingredients and most of our customers have tried a dog treat in the past,” she added.

Source: Fox2Now