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Amazing Black Labrador Has Made $2.4 Million For The Canadian Government


Jagger likes the smell of money. And because of his talent, the amazing black Labrador has made $2.4 million for the Canadian Government.

One of Canada’s top police officer stands on four legs, has big floppy ears, and a happy disposition. He is a loveable black Labrador Retriever and he has an important job to do. The black Labrador works as a currency-detector dog with his handler Ian Falzon, an officer with Canada Border Services.

Amazing Black Labrador Has Made $2 4 Million For The Canadian Government

Jagger may look like your typical happy and playful Labrador but this 10-year-old pooch was trained to sniff out cash — bundles of cash. The talented Labrador sniffs out people who carry more than $10,000 at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport. Jagger has been trained to sniff out the smell of cash — particularly the smell of the ink that money is printed with, the National Post reports.

After successfully detecting a culprit, the Labrador would sit beside his handler, wagging his tail and looking forward to his reward. Jagger has been. For almost 10 years, Jagger and Falzon worked side by side to catch criminals with cash and their hard work netted the Canadian government $2.4 million in fines and penalties.

In his career, Jagger has so far intercepted more than $70 million, including one single bust of $650,000.

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The Labrador is obviously doing a great job but unfortunately, he will be retiring soon. He may bounce around like a young pup but he’s already 10 years-old and he will have to retire when he turns 11.

“We’ve been going to work every day for almost 10 years and, you know, it’s going to be tough to leave him at home,” Falzon told the National Post. “He is my best friend.”

With Jagger’s sweet face and gentle demeanor, Falzon hopes the pawsome canine officer will become a therapy dog after retiring, volunteering his time, sweetness, and undeniable cuteness twice a week.

“He’s used to meeting people, hundreds of people every day, so to take that away from him would be tough,” Falzon says.


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