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AKC Recognizes Dock Diving Titles


AKC Recognizes Dock Diving TitlesHere’s good news for you and your water-loving Labrador! The AKC recognizes dock diving titles!

In June 2014, the AKC started recognizing titles of the new North America Diving Dogs (NADD) organization. This means you can also add a dock jumping title to your dog’s AKC records!

This sport is open to all dogs, including mixed-breeds!

One of the first NADD record-setters was a dog named Augie, who achieved a 24-foot Air Retrieve to tie the world record!

Aside from Air Retrieves, the organization also offers competitions in Distance Jumping.

Do you want to register your dog with NADD?

For more information, go to www.northamericadivingdogs.com.