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All About LabradorsLabrador Retrievers are the most popular pets in the world. In both the USA and the UK they have held this honor for no less than 21 consecutive years.

Registered Labrador Retrievers belong to the Sporting Dog Group in the Gun Dog class.

Features that make Labradors distinctive

Labrador Retrievers are truly delightful dogs. Anyone who has ever owned one must wonder just how they got by without one. The Labrador has a sturdy and athletic build with a distinctive broad head, a wide muzzle and thick nose. Labs have sleek thick coats that come in three colors: chocolate, black and yellow. The hair is short and extremely straight. It is double layered and dense providing the Labrador Retriever with effective water and weather protection. The Labrador coat is also quite easy to maintain. The Labs eyes are typically extremely expressive and vary from dark to medium brown depending on the coat color.  Labradors are water dogs, bred to retrieve birds. Two features make them great swimmers: the otter tail that helps to steer them in the water, and webbed feet what give them more speed than other dog breeds.

The Labrador Retriever temperament

The Labrador’s even temperament and loving nature can literally light up any room. Labs are typically well-natured, amiable, sociable and very friendly. They are also truly gentle, trustworthy and very affectionate animals The Labrador lives to please and loves to love. They thrive on human companionship and also enjoy the company of other dogs. They are also generally good with cats and other household pets. The Labrador has loads of energy and a genuine loyal streak. Generally, Labs are not aggressive by nature, although they will be protective of their household and will voice a warning bark or growl if they perceive a threat. Labradors are extremely intelligent and rank 7th on Stanley Coren’s The Intelligence of Dogs. Their intelligence combined with their giving nature has earned them the honor of being one of the major breeds used as rescue and guide dogs.

Labradors are large dogs

Like most large breeds, the adult height and weight of the Labrador Retriever differs between the sexes. Labrador Retrievers are sturdy and strong in build. The male typically weighs between 60-75 pounds (27-34kg.), with the female not far behind at between 55-70 pounds (25-32kg.).The height of Labrador Retrievers also differs among the sexes. The male is typically between 22-24 inches (56-61cm.) and the female between 21-23 inches (53-58cm.). Obviously the weight and height guides are approximate and differ from one dog to the next.

How healthy are Labrador Retrievers?

Labs are generally healthy dogs with relatively few major problems. There is a low incidence of elbow and or hip dysplasia in the Labrador Retriever breed. This is a condition that can affect many larger dog breeds. Because it is a degenerative condition it cause issues like arthritis, mobility problems, and significant amounts of ache and inflammation. This is caused by the abrasion of the bones and cartilage in the affected area, which becomes displaces. Progressive Retinal Atrophy is also a potential problem for Labradors. Known as PRA, it is an inherited and incurable disease that affects the retina of both eyes at the same time, causing severe reduction or loss of vision. The life expectancy of the Labrador Retriever is generally 10 to 12 years, which is above average for large dogs. The life expectancy of each dog clearly varies dependent on well-being and condition but can be maximized by a healthy lifestyle such as a stable and balanced diet, regular exercise, heaps of interaction to stimulate his mind and body, and of course regular check-ups and vaccinations.

The Labrador’s ideal home

Labrador Retrievers are very adaptable dogs, and will fit in to most living environments. Nevertheless, the Lab is an extremely active and energetic dog, particularly when younger, and ideally they should have room to romp and play. A home with a garden or back yard in which to get some exercise is best.

Exercising your Labrador

Because Labrador Retrievers are energetic dogs, they do need frequent exercise. This helps to keep them healthy and content, and also to manage their weight. Labs  love to play and benefit from a lot of exercise through interactive activity with their owners and family. Labradors also love company and human interaction. They are very agile and intelligent dogs and can spend hours fetching balls or playing Frisbee. This provides mental stimulation as well as much-desired exercise.

Feeding requirements to keep your Lab Healthy

Most Labrador Retrievers love to eat; they have very healthy appetites. Some Labs will munch away all day if you allow them to. They are notorious for it and can soon become obese unless you keep a watchful eye on their weight. This is one of the reasons why frequent exercise is so important; to shed unwanted weight. Food portions ought to be carefully monitored. You need to be careful not to be generous with the treats and munchies. A complete dog food of good quality, supplemented with some fresh home-cooked food every now and then keeps the food plan varied and balanced. The amount, type and regularity of food will depend upon the age and health of the individual Labrador Retriever.

Grooming your Labrador

The Labs coat is generally simple to maintain because of the short, sleek hair. Frequent brushing with a bristle brush keeps the coat glossy and healthy. Bathing your Labrador Retriever too frequently can damage the waterproofing of the coat and dry the skin and should be kept to a minimum. There are a number of dry shampoo products that can be used instead. Take the time during grooming session to check for any abnormalities such as discharge or infestation, as this will help to identify and handle any possible problems early.

There is no psychiatrist in the world like a Labrador Retriever licking your face. – Unknown

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The American Kennel Club sums up the Labrador Retriever  as follows:

“An ideal sporting and family dog, the Labrador Retriever thrives as part of an active family or as a trusted hunting companion. A double-coated breed which sheds seasonally, regular grooming keeps his coat at its water-resistant best. Because of his even temperament and trainability millions of Americans own a Labrador Retriever as a pet.”