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A Day In The Life Of A Fox Red Labrador! Adorable Labrador Video!


Meet Captain! This gorgeous fox red Labrador from Germany is going to show you a day in his life!

In this video, Captain and his owner, Nela Lee, share what they do together on a typical day!

Every morning the obedient pooch fetches his human mom’s slippers. In return, he gets to eat a delicious gourmet meal.

After that, Captain does what Labradors do best – having fun with his owner!

Captain gets to go into the woods where he runs around and plays fetch!

Run, run, run!

A Day In The Life Of A Fox Red LabradorSee the Lab run around with a GoPro attached to his back!

After all the excitement, the Lab rests calmly in the backseat of the car as they head home.

After a few hours of rest, Captain is ready for more fun time. He happily extracts his treats from inside his Kong toy! Watch him roll it as he attempts to get as many treats as he can!

You can do it, Captain!

Even though It’s already dark, the Labrador’s day isn’t done just yet!

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After dinner, the Labrador gets to go on his night-time walk. It’s a walk with a twist and he gets to wear a blinking collar so his owner can keep a better eye on him!

Then, it’s time for his owners’ dinner time. The humans have a nice fancy dinner, while poor Captain sits in the corner with nothing but a bowl of water. Poor Captain!

This Labrador’s day is long but it sure is fun. Back at home, lucky Captain gets to bond and play tug-of-war with Nela before he heads off to bed to get hiszzz’s.

It seems that this fun-loving Labrador even has adventures in his sleep. See his legs move as he runs in dreamland!

Awww! Sweet dreams, Captain! Tomorrow is another day!

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