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3 Health Benefits Of Virgin Coconut Oil For Dogs


Do you know that dogs can benefit a lot from virgin coconut oil? Are you aware that you can use coconut oil to keep your dog healthy?

3 Health Benefits Of Virgin Coconut Oil For Dogs

Here are the 3 important health benefits of virgin coconut oil for dogs.


Coconut oil benefits dogs with skin conditions

Virgin coconut oil can clear up a number of common skin problems in dogs.  Examples of these problems are:

  • Skin Allergies,
  • Itchy Skin,
  • Flea And Tick Bites,
  •  Mange.

The oil targets the cause and then works to heal your dog’s skin.

According to pet care expert, Dr. Karen Becker, coconut oil boosts skin integrity. Among others, coconut oil can:

  • Make your dog’s skin resistant to bacteria, fungi, and other pathogens.
  • Enhance your dog’s immunity to skin disease.

Be sure to clean your dog before you apply the oil.

Virgin coconut oil is a natural anti-parasitic agent

A huge benefit of virgin coconut oil for dogs is that it can rid your pooch of parasites.  Virgin coconut oil kills nasty little bloodsuckers such as ticks and fleas. It can also get rid of worms inside your dog’s body.  Your dog gets to benefit from the best natural anti-parasite remedy.

The reason is that VCO is rich in medium chain triglycerides.  In simple language medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) are good fats.  MCTs strengthen the immune system of your dog to exterminate the parasites.

Coconut oil helps your dog maintain a healthy weight

Another major benefit of virgin coconut oil for dogs is that it improves digestion.

The oil helps in maintaining your dog’s best weight. Just like humans, dogs also need to keep those pounds off.

The latest statistics show that an average of 53% of dogs in the U.S are obese.  To get rid of excess weight, use VCO.

VCO contains properties that will enhance your dog’s digestive system. The oil also helps to balance your dog’s metabolism.

Add the oil to your dog’s food.  You’ll find that your dog will savor the taste of the oil.

Let your dog enjoy the benefits of virgin coconut oil.  It’s one of the best things you can do to show your love to your dog.