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24 Hour Dog TV Channel Launched


24 Hour Dog TV LaunchedA paid dog TV channel, DogTV, has been released on DirecTV in the US, a TV channel that basically does what it says on the tin.

There are 3 types of shows that the 24-hour pay channel aspires to attract to: ‘relaxation’, ‘stimulation’, and ‘exposure’.

An trailer or simulation video has been released for DogTV, that features surfing dogs, dogs playing with string, dogs playing in pastoral surroundings, dogs playing with balls, dogs rolling around and even dogs jumping in pools. Scroll down to watch it,

Animated graphics such as clips of balls bouncing against walls and bats flying toward the camera are even included for dogs into their toons.

Industry experts as expected, never forget to rain on the parade. They remarked that Smell TV would be the better choice since dogs are more into smell than visuals.

Here’s what DogTV has to say about the channel:

DOGTV is the first Television Network Scientifically Developed for Dogs.
Scientifically developed and tested for more than four years, the dog-approved programming content was created to entertain, relax and stimulate stay-at-home dogs.

Backed by science and developed by veterinarians and expert dog trainers and behaviorists, DOGTV understands how dogs perceive the world and knows how to cater to their unique sense of sight, hearing and movement detection.

Here’s the promotional simulation video.


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